About Liposuction

About Liposuction
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The nicknames can be cute – love handles, muffin tops, and pooches – or just plain unkind – beer guts, saddlebags, and thunder thighs. No matter what you call it, excess fat never looks good. Even people in the best of shape visit board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Evan Sorokin for liposuction in New Jersey from Philadelphia and throughout Delaware Valley to contour their nagging trouble spots. The fact is, your figure is largely predetermined by heredity and genetics, and diet and exercise have their limits.

The good news for men and women in Philadelphia and New Jersey considering liposuction? There are more options than ever before for contouring and shaping their bodies using procedures that increase comfort and speed recovery. For those who eat right and stay in shape, liposuction can eliminate fat from nearly any area of the body, including the neck, back, arms, stomach, and legs. A single liposuction procedure can slim several areas of the body at once.

Request your consultation with Dr. Evan Sorokin to find the option that's just right for you and start improving your figure. Dr. Sorokin's body contouring options range from the most time-tested to the most advanced. His office is a SmartLipo™ training center and he is the first liposuction surgeon in Southern New Jersey to offer this innovative treatment.

Dr. Sorokin is considered an expert in liposuction safety having written several articles on the subject in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This groundbreaking research has helped set the national standard on liposuction safety and Dr. Sorokin brings this extensive knowledge and expertise to his liposuction patients.

Your Liposuction Choices

Dr. Sorokin is an experienced liposuction surgeon who offers a number of advanced techniques to tailor and contour almost any area of the body where fat may linger. Learn more about these popular liposuction methods:

Your Liposuction Resources

Dr. Sorokin's liposuction patients appreciate the information he provides during every surgical consultation. Learn more about liposuction and get answers to your questions with these helpful resources:

Your Next Step

Request your consultation with Dr. Sorokin today, or call (856) 797-0202 for an appointment at the office of Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery on Marlton Pike East in Cherry Hill. The office is just a short drive from many towns, including Mt. Laurel, Berlin, Marlton, and Medford, New Jersey.

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